The average person goes to the bathroom about 2,500 times a year and choosing a cabinet with comfortable drawers is essential. It’s a long-term investment and you don’t want to settle for a sloppy chest of drawers because it’s definitely an integral part of your daily routine. Great drawer toilets save water and create the ability to clean the toilet in just one flush, while bad models can use more than 6 liters of water.

While choosing from many different types of toilets on the market, there are a few things you need to consider before choosing the one you want.

1. Types of installation and evacuation

The different types of wardrobe installations are divided into two categories:
Place on the floor and hang on the wall. Wall mounted chest, takes up little space and looks very nice because the water tank is hidden behind the wall. For comparison, floor chests are placed on the floor. These include one-piece and two-piece chest of drawers. It will also depend on existing plumbing.

2. Draining technique

Saving water with advanced technology is an urgent need, and it starts with water discharge. Currently, two-door wardrobes are widely sold in the market. They usually come with two drain plugs. One flush uses three liters of water and the other six liters. Another common type is a pressure-assisted flush that uses plumbing pressure or an integrated device used to generate additional force from air pressure to flush the toilet.

3. The location of the chest of drawers

There is no question when it comes to deciding where to put the chest of drawers, but people often overlook this point and regret it later. Ideally, the toilet should be installed at least 15 to 18 inches away from the shower and vanity. However, if you have a compact space to work in, the ideal west wall toilet chest of drawers with a storage tank installed in the wall will suit you.

4. Type of bowl

Western-style dressing bowls often come in a variety of shapes:
rectangle, square, oval and round. Most people prefer round chairs because they are easier to use than rectangular chairs. However, what you get with the round bowl is better for the use of space.

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? Keep these tips in mind to get a toilet that truly suits their needs and style. Check out Elegant International’s wide range of the best toilets.